Creating a JOGL Eclipse Project

Below is a how to create an eclipse project for JOGL project, Why isnt it on github….well since eclipse takes full paths of the src directories, you would need to practicaly re-do it after fetching the project. 1- After downloading the source code, create an eclipse workspace in the jogl directory ..or anywhere else.2- [...]

Pommed with MBP 6-1

As part of configuring mbp 6-1 you have to install and run pommed (optional) and it produce heating…but i like it. Anyways, to get pommed to work I had to do the following: Follow the documentation on Ubuntu Docs for MBP 7-1 for keyboard setup. If all goes well then its great and stop reading [...]

Ubuntu Lucid on mbp6-1

Well was installing ubuntu (kubuntu to be precise on my mbp 6-1) and wow can it be more hectic. With no documentation for Lucid on MBP 6-1, it worked out finally as a mixture of the mbp 7-1 and the mbp 6-1 (…kola). Pommed, bluetooth, NV graphic drivers, sound, wireless, and heating are the main [...]

First Blog Entry

Interesting, first time on blog spot as a writer and not a reader. Well I should also read my postings or maybe not… Anyways created this blog to post ideas experience and comments on CG related stuff. Not artistic but geeky technical Cheers.