Nvidia – 3D Cloud Computing

3D Cloud Computing is becoming a topic of high interest and is actually very interesting for general visualization problems especially scientific visualization .  Nivida picked that topic and is presenting RealityServer and its Tesla Servers as a solution that will in the near future revolutionize the industry with effects that will ripple across to other [...]

3D Scene Navigation standards

Picking up a new software and navigating thru the scene should be easy and intuitive.  Most of the tools out there are picking up a standard set of navigation modes which are the bare essential for a good user experience with your tool. Sure, some tools add a set of “identity”  navigation mode which identify [...]

Git in Enterprise – part 1

Reading around you see that GIT usage in a company with closed source code is not as you would hope or assume. So whats the problem? GIT is publicized for open-source projects.  So many assume that it wont fit the bill for a large cooperation, and move on to search for another solution All examples [...]