Git in Enterprise – part 1

Reading around you see that GIT usage in a company with closed source code is not as you would hope or assume.

So whats the problem?

  • GIT is publicized for open-source projects.  So many assume that it wont fit the bill for a large cooperation, and move on to search for another solution
  • All examples of GIT usage revolve around open-source project and how easy you can just clone and hack with the code.
  • Setup examples for enterprise based development are not found or at least hard to find!
  • Hierarchy in control of source code repositories are not intuitive to setup, and not included in git installation.
  • Companies developing windows based solutions see GIT as an alternative source control for the Linux world!
  • Developers with no linux shell know how are not comfortable using cygwin,…etc
  • UI plugins for GIT are not mature and since git is very easy to use (for its current community) I dont think they will be in the near future.

So are these actually problems? well yes but setup solutions are available that will remove almost all of these problems.

Is it worth the effort?

  1. Corruption in a GIT repository is almost unheard of, which provide security for a company source code
  2. Commit messages provide a tool to track changes and pick what shall be reviewed and what is accepted,  just remember the long night you spent reverting a modification to you central repository.
  3. Commit messages can be used as a documentation tool for code modifications.
  4. The distributed methodology of GIT gives the ability to work remotely easily, great for cooperations
  5. Software Version control are easily done with tags and branches, and fix patches can be applied much easier (no need for each version to be in a separate repository) .
  6. Setting up a repository on a server to act as the master repository provides all the benefit you get from Central repository and more since you can choose who and what gets committed on the “central” repository.

Git with ssh control is the best solution for an in-house development, providing flexibility, stability, enriched with meaningful history, and yes easy to use.

Being adopted by the open source community is a great news for companies since tutorials, usage examples, and best practices are of a great abundance over the web. Within a couple of days any user can become well experienced with GIT.

Later I will post a sample setup scenario which would be a great fit for any company looking for flexibility and needs the ability to control!

Stay tuned!


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