ISO10303: IFC exchange format design and usage

IFC is one of the oldest standards for data exchange within the AEC industry. It became one of the most supported exchange formats available. Using a standard which was started about ten years ago, brings with it obsolete ways for defining objects and exchange files. Example to that is usage of EXPRESS language to define the schema [...]

Siggraph 2011 – Vancouver

Once again siggraph was great… didnt get time to see Vancouver but it looked nice! had the pleasure to co-present with Sven the latest development on, mainly JOGL highlighting the newly added support for embedded devices (linux ARM and Android) and the new Resolution independent Font and User Interface. In all, it was a [...]

JogAmp @ Siggraph2011

Cross posting announcement with Sven Gothel. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jogamp will be at Siggraph this year after the great success of last year’s BOF. JogAmp: 2D/3D & Multimedia Across Devices Tuesday, 9 August | 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm | Vancouver Convention Centre JogAmp provides JOGL (OpenGL), JOCL (OpenCL) across devices on top of Java. Showcasing Resolution [...]

Nvidia – 3D Cloud Computing

3D Cloud Computing is becoming a topic of high interest and is actually very interesting for general visualization problems especially scientific visualization .  Nivida picked that topic and is presenting RealityServer and its Tesla Servers as a solution that will in the near future revolutionize the industry with effects that will ripple across to other [...]

3D Scene Navigation standards

Picking up a new software and navigating thru the scene should be easy and intuitive.  Most of the tools out there are picking up a standard set of navigation modes which are the bare essential for a good user experience with your tool. Sure, some tools add a set of “identity”  navigation mode which identify [...]

MM Adaptive Rendering using JOGL and Newt

Was working recently on creating an adaptive renderer, using JOGL. The goal of this project was to ensure high frame rate and usability while walking thru a model of a large data set. Ideally, containing approx. a million+ complex geometric objects. What follows is a description on how it was done. (you might see this [...]